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Motion Madness is a puzzle game that comes with a myriad of different puzzles. Some are easy. Some are difficult. Some are next to impossible. All are solvable.

Each puzzle contains one or more colored balls. To solve a puzzle, you must make the colored balls perform certain tasks. Tasks include running into walls and over numbers while avoiding other balls performing similar tasks. You control the movement of these balls... but not while the action is taking place.

Prior to setting the puzzle into motion, you must determine what paths will force each ball to accomplish its required tasks. You outline these paths by placing colored arrows on the grid. A blue arrow will direct a blue ball on a new path. Sounds simple. But if a green ball runs over that blue arrow, the arrow rotates... and blue's path changes. You must account for that ahead of time.

Throw in a couple of bombs and jokers that need to be avoided and the task becomes more difficult. Oh yeah, there are the expanding walls do deal with. They slowly expand to wreak havoc over the best laid plans.

It's you versus the puzzle. There are no time limits that tell you the game is over. Why?
Imagine putting a jigsaw puzzle together on your kitchen table and after 15 minutes the puzzle box gets up and says "Sorry, games over!" and then starts picking up its pieces.

Not with Motion Madness 3.0
You need 15 minutes to solve a puzzle? Go ahead.
Need and hour? Be my guest.
2 weeks? Been there, done that... well, not me personally, but I know those who have.
In fact, because you can save any puzzle at any time, there is no time limit.

Did you find a particular puzzle that was too tough? Not a problem. Skip it. Maybe come back to it later. Unlike a host of conventional games, you aren't required to complete one level before moving on to the next. And after you've pulled all your hair out, let me know and I will email you the solution... and a bottle of Rogaine.

Did you find a particular puzzle that was too easy? Not a problem. Go back and see if you can solve it with fewer arrows. A list of the best solutions for each puzzle is maintained at this site. People have spent hours on the simplest puzzle trying to squeeze one less arrow out of the puzzle.

You may never run out of puzzles. Additional puzzles can be downloaded from various newsgroups. Still more can be downloaded at various sites. Know someone else that has the game? Design and swap puzzles. Heck, build your own puzzles and fine tune them yourself. I did!!

I must warn you. This game can be addicting! I've been playing it for 7+ years now and I still can't get enough. That's no joke.

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