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Doctors of Madness

The following is a list a graduates from Motion Madness University (MMU).

By successfully completing all the Motion Madness puzzles,
these individuals have earned their M.D.'s (Madness Degree)

Dr. Rik Pierce Carlisle, MA, USA
Dr. Tapani Lindgren Roseville, CA, USA
Dr. Hareendra Yalamanchili MIT
Dr. Erik Hermansen Seattle, WA, USA
Dr. Joseph Baris West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Dr. Gert Greeuw Schiedam, Netherlands

Motion Madness Best Solutions

The following is a list of the best solutions for each puzzle.
Red indicates a puzzle submitted to us by one of our registered users.
To download a user puzzle, click on the puzzle name.

If you have a better solution for any of these puzzles,
email the solution to us and get your name on this list.

Puzzle Name Arrows Best Solution
!Shareware Puzzle 1 4 Universal
!Shareware Puzzle 2 8 Universal
!Shareware Puzzle 3 3 Universal
!Shareware Puzzle 4 4 Universal
!Shareware Puzzle 5 6 Universal
!Shareware Puzzle 6 16 Universal
!Shareware Puzzle 7 23 Patrick Hamlyn
123 10 Universal
After Midnight 25 Oren Stern
Block Party 24 Rob Watson
Blue Skies 29 Gert Greeuw
Christmas 97 29  
Claustrophobia 19 Mark Manasse
Cornered 12 Gert Greeuw
Corynthian Columns 14 Universal
Crunch Time 17 Andrew Blake
DeathRace 2000 25 Jim Howell
Distractions 8 Universal
Dodge Ball 8 Universal
Dodging Bullets 13  
Double Duty 10 Oren Stern
Escape from Alcatraz 15 Universal
Fill in the Blank 11 Gert Greeuw
First Things First 18 Gert Greeuw
Follow the Leader 13 Rob Watson
Free the Hostages 29 Tapani Lindgren
Handcuffed 28 Tapani Lindgren
Hmmm 16 Gert Greeuw
Inmates 17 Gert Greeuw
Joker's Wild 17  
Keep on tuning 2 Gert Greeuw
Knight Moves 27 Gert Greeuw
Lemmeeout 1 21 Universal
Lemmeeout 2 13 Universal
Mayhem 25 Andrew Blake
Minefield Monster 21 Universal
Monkey Wrench 7 Universal
Not a Second to Lose 9 Tapani Lindgren
Nowhere to Run 9 Gert Greeuw
Obviously 18 Gert Greeuw
One Solution 11 Universal
Patience 21  
Peppermint Stcik 6 Mark Manasse
Pesky Fire Ants 14 Gert Greeuw
Pinwheel 15  
Put a Cork in it 7 Universal
Quarter 18 Tapani Lindgren
Road Less Travelled 5 Oren Stern
Seeing Red 11 Mark Manasse
Skeet Shooting 3 Andrew Blake
Spiral of Death 25 Bryan Cribbs
Splotch1 12  
Stuffy Nasal Passage 6 Universal
Tapani's Wish 65 Gert Greeuw
Tee For Two 11 Alfonso Saavedra Boado
The Bank Robbery 16 Gert Greeuw
The Cave 17 Universal
The Loneliest Number 12 Universal
The Quandary 23 Universal
Think Twice 9 Universal
Three Square Meals 17  
Trash Compactor 19 Gert Greeuw
Valley of Death 26 Andrew Blake
Wasting Time 8 Universal

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